Camping Giessen im Binntal, Wallis
Camping Giessen im Binntal, Wallis
Camping Giessen im Binntal, Wallis
Camping Giessen im Binntal, Wallis

News of the campground Giessen and the Binntal

We look forward to welcoming all new visitors from around the world and to the return of loyal guests of many years’ standing. Below, a few nearby places and events which you might consider visiting on a day out.

Things to do near Binn

The Binntal is amazingly beautiful, but sometimes you might want to see something different. There are plenty of wonderful places not far from the valley that you can visit on a day out. For more information, click here

Are you mad about suspension bridges?

Then here are three that you simply must try. The hikes that take you to them give you a wonderful glimpse of the spectacular Wallis mountain scenery.

The bridge linking the Aletsch Arena and Goms: the 160 m long Aspi-Titter suspension bridge at the foot of the Fiescher glacier has linked the Aletsch Arena with Goms since August 2016.

Fürgangen – Mühlebach – Ernen: The 280 m long Goms bridge crosses the young Rhone at a height of 92 metres. Walkers pass wooden water conduits to reach the awe-inspiring pillars of the Ernen gallows. What are probably the oldest Tell frescoes dating from 1578 can be seen in the square of this award-winning village.

Belalp-Riederalp suspension bridge: The 124 m long suspension bridge takes you across the Massa Gorge, a nerve-tingling experience 50 metres up in the air. The suspension bridge lies at the mouth of the Aletsch Glacier. Once crossed, there are two routes to the Riederfurka: either via the "Grünsee" to the "Teife Wald" and from there to the Riederfurka or from the "Grünsee" via the "Silbersand". Both are in the Aletsch Forest, which is protected by Pro Natura.

Bhutan bridge: You need to travel a little further if you want to gaze down in awe into one of the canyons of the Wallis, the Illgraben. Erosion has created an immense pale yellow rock basin that is growing larger every year. The short hike begins at Leuk station (620m) and passes the old well before reaching the Hexenplatz. The forest trails follows the Illgraben, ascending to a height of 855 m, at which point the 134 m long Bhutan bridge spans the Illgraben. It is well worth ascending a little further to the Güetji lookout point for an impressive look down into the interior of the Illgraben. After crossing the Bhutan bridge, the return route follows the left side of the Illgraben and passes through the Pfyn forest in the direction of Obere Abschlacht and back to Leuk station.

Calendar of events

Find out more about under the events calendar of the Binntal Landscape Park

Zauberwald Ernen

Nature as a playground - the «Der Zauberwald» is a place where children can simply be children, in a time when there is less and less room to play.


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